Representation for manufacturers serving the electric power industry in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. 

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  • Engineering and fabrication of Isolated Phase Bus(IPB), Circular, Non-Segregated Bus Duct and Accessories
  • Field installation services for new installations and preventive maintenance services for legacy products
  • Citadel Vacuum Conversions for legacy circuit breakers from all major OEM’s
  • Remanufacture or Recondition medium and low voltage circuit breakers
  • Switchgear life extension services from parts to Match & Line and new custom switchgear
  • Utility grade, UL-rated switchboards with ABB E-Max and T-Max breakers
  • Test equipment for electrical apparatus used throughout the electric grid including: Transformers/OCBs/SF6 Breakers/Bushings/Instrument transformers/CCVTs/Generators and more…
  • Protective relay test equipment with automated software platforms
  • Transformer consulting services: Design Reviews, Witness Testing, Factory Audits, Condition Assessments
  • Online Monitoring equipment for transformer health and life extension
  • Asset risk and data management with field force automation
  • RTS, Universal relay testing software with multi-platform equipment support
  • PowerBase, Data collection hub supporting Productivity and NERC Compliance management
  • Online or Offline equipment for detecting/measuring dissolved gasses in insulating oils
  • InsideView: Diagnostic software for categorizing and analyzing oil testing data
  • High accuracy, ruggedized equipment for measuring and/or testing including:
    Contact resistance, Micro-ohmmeter, Circuit breaker timing and travel with transducers, Current transformers, CCVT’s Primary current injection, Insulation resistance, Transformer turns ratio(TTR), Winding resistance, Vacuum bottles, Safety grounds
  • 600 Volt instrument transformers and accessories for revenue metering applications
  • Extended range and high accuracy current transformers
  • Secure Set™ pole setting and pad leveling foam
  • TimberBond™ wood pole restoration epoxy
  • FRS Fiberglass wood pole repair sleeves
  • Locks and seals designed to secure electric and natural gas meters for maximum tamper resistance and long-term functionality
  • Oil-filled CT’s & PT’s from 25kV – 230kV
  • Oil-filled Station Service Transformers from 46kV – 161kV, up to 167kVA
  • Combination CT/PT from 25kV – 230kV
  • Slip-over bushing current transformers for retrofit and custom applications
  • Generator CT’s up to 50,000 Amps
  • Medium and large power transformers from 10 to 500 MVA – up to 345kV
  • Three-phase voltage regulators up to 5000kVA – up to 46kV
  • Specialty transformers including rectifiers, furnace transformers, and generator step-up
  • OEM parts source for all Pennsylvania Transformer, McGraw-Edison, and Cooper Power Systems transformers and oil-filled, high voltage circuit breakers including Federal Pacific
  • Cartridge filters designed to remove carbon, free water, dissolved water, acids and particulate from insulating oil
  • Portable filtration systems for rejuvenating insulating oil in electrical equipment
    – Including rolling carts, skid and trailer-mounted models
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