Representation for manufacturers serving the electric

power industry in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. 

All manufacturers are not represented in all states.  Please contact us to see if we can assist in your area. 
  • Real-time, scalable PRISM™ platform for SCADA, ADMS, OMS and Energy Management
  • NTX™ Intelligent RTUs for substation and feeder control.
  • Retrofit RTU solutions for most legacy manufacturers. In-place upgrades with limited wiring or rewiring requirements
  • Engineering and fabrication of Isolated Phase Bus(IPB), Circular, Non-Segregated Bus Duct and Accessories
  • Field installation services for new installations and preventive maintenance services for legacy products
  • Citadel Vacuum Conversions for legacy circuit breakers from all major OEM’s
  • Remanufacture or Recondition medium and low voltage circuit breakers
  • Switchgear life extension services from parts to Match & Line and new custom switchgear
  • Utility grade, UL-rated switchboards with ABB E-Max and T-Max breakers
  • Test equipment for electrical apparatus used throughout the electric grid including: Transformers/OCBs/SF6 Breakers/Bushings/Instrument transformers/CCVTs/Generators and more…
  • Protective relay test equipment with automated software platforms
  • Transformer consulting services: Design Reviews, Witness Testing, Factory Audits, Condition Assessments
  • Online Monitoring equipment for transformer health and life extension
  • Asset risk and data management with field force automation
  • RTS, Universal relay testing software with multi-platform equipment support
  • PowerBase, Data collection hub supporting Productivity and NERC Compliance management
  • Online or Offline equipment for detecting/measuring dissolved gasses in insulating oils
  • InsideView: Diagnostic software for categorizing and analyzing oil testing data
  • High accuracy, ruggedized equipment for measuring and/or testing including:
    Contact resistance, Micro-ohmmeter, Circuit breaker timing and travel with transducers, Current transformers, CCVT’s Primary current injection, Insulation resistance, Transformer turns ratio(TTR), Winding resistance, Vacuum bottles, Safety grounds
  • 600 Volt instrument transformers and accessories for revenue metering applications
  • Extended range and high accuracy current transformers
  • Secure Set™ pole setting and pad leveling foam
  • TimberBond™ wood pole restoration epoxy
  • FRS Fiberglass wood pole repair sleeves
  • Locks and seals designed to secure electric and natural gas meters for maximum tamper resistance and long-term functionality
  • Oil-filled CT’s & PT’s from 25kV – 230kV
  • Oil-filled Station Service Transformers from 46kV – 161kV, up to 167kVA
  • Combination CT/PT from 25kV – 230kV
  • Slip-over bushing current transformers for retrofit and custom applications
  • Generator CT’s up to 50,000 Amps
  • Silicone-based animal mitigation covers for all parts of the electric utility system
  • Silicone-based RTV coatings for protection against high voltage flashover and corrosion resistance
  • Turn-key installation services
  • Adaptive, scalable AMI solutions for electric utilities supporting DMS, OMS, Remote Disconnect, and Prepaid metering without building a communication infrastructure
  • Medium and large power transformers from 10 to 500 MVA – up to 345kV
  • Three-phase voltage regulators up to 5000kVA – up to 46kV
  • Specialty transformers including rectifiers, furnace transformers, and generator step-up
  • OEM parts source for all Pennsylvania Transformer, McGraw-Edison, and Cooper Power Systems transformers and oil-filled, high voltage circuit breakers including Federal Pacific
  • Locators for detecting partial discharges in URD cables, elbows, and splices
  • Locators for powerline sparking and corona that interfere with radio/TV transmission
  • Cartridge filters designed to remove carbon, free water, dissolved water, acids and particulate from insulating oil
  • Portable filtration systems for rejuvenating insulating oil in electrical equipment
    – Including rolling carts, skid and trailer-mounted models
  • Portable and truck-mounted, arc reflection thumpers for fault locating failed URD cable
  • Temporary restoration transformers for failed 600V underground cable
  • DC equipment for testing insulated aerial lift trucks
  • Equipment for testing protective rubber goods and hot sticks
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